Through the Looking Glass

The journey starts here. Find out more about the fun that will be going on in the weeks ahead on 'I'm The Girl I Want To Be' and get to know the other girls who'll be here with you. We'll be looking at individuality and the design features that make you unique.


Mirror Mirror

Most girls, if not every single one of us, have low self esteem at some point. Why? Whether its every day, or just on the occasional bad days, we don't actually need to feel so bad about ourselves!   In this session we'll be exposing some of the pressures on us for what they are, asking how beauty is defined and looking at how our worst enemy is so often our own mind!


Fashion Victim

We're discussing fashion, the media, body image and our self image. Who decides the things we wear and the way we look? Are we really in control or does the media have more control than we realise? What messages do we send out by the way we look and the things we wear and does that match up with what we want to say about ourselves? We'll look at how we can really enjoy clothes, look great and be exactly the girl we want to be.


Bezzy Mate, Love or Hate

What makes a good relationship? This session gives you the opportunity to discover the building blocks for a great friendship or romance. We are all very different, so we all bring very different qualities to our relationships and all need to receive in our own individual way.

Discover more about what makes you you, and this will help you to understand the opportunities and some of the pitfalls your relationships may have.


Sex and the Nitty Gritty

The attitudes, the values, the pressures, the glamour that the media portrays about sex... but most important – the reality. People don't tend to talk about sex – its a taboo subject but the media shout about it all the time. Are we getting the right messages from them or are we getting a distorted view? Here in this session we'll look at image vs the reality.


Loves Me... Loves Me Not?

The emotions, the relationship and the right time for sex These things are our very own choices and we are entitled to give them the most attentive and careful consideration. So many girls make huge decisions about their sexual activity whilst feeling insecure or under pressure and might make spur-of-the-moment choices that they would not have made in the cold light of day. How can we tell if someone really loves us and if they really respect us? Lets talk about that before you go on to work out what's right for you in your relationships.


Dreams, Quests and Prince Charming

Who is our 'Prince Charming' and do we have to settle for anyone less than perfect? We'll be forming some ideals for ourselves about life and love as well as discussing singleness and thinking on our aspirations for the future. This gives you some time and space to begin to work out exactly what is right for you and to get the confidence and assurance to live out your ideals from this point onwards.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

In this final session we'll be looking back on some of the best bits of this course as we piece together the key things you have discovered and decided over the different sessions. Expect some creative fun and some surprises in this grand finale!