'I’m The Girl I Want to Be!' is a chance for girls to get together, form great friendships, share opinions and talk about all the issues that affect them and interest them everyday..... appearance, fashion, TV, magazines, self-esteem, relationships, guys, sex, being single, feeling great about themselves and lots more.
This 8 week course, delivered and led by a team of two experienced female youth workers, is designed to be a place for girls to explore different opinions and gives them space to make up their own mind about these matters - so that they’ll finish the course being sure that they can be the girl they want to be! The 'I'm The Girl I Want To Be' course has seen many lives changed, with over 99% of participants noting a "significant improvement" in their self esteem as a result of the course.

The course runs over 8 (2 hour) sessions for groups of (up to) 12 girls aged 11-14 or 14-18 and includes discussion, media, interactive activities, creative teaching, personal stories from the leaders of the course and an opportunity for each girl to be individually mentored.

The ‘I’m The Girl I Want To Be' course was written by Golddigger Trust, a self esteem youth work charity which have seen the effectiveness of the course with over 500 girls in South Yorkshire alone since the course was launched in 2006. Over this time the focus on self esteem has remained the core of these 8 sessions while aspects of this creative resource have been tailored to reflect current issues young people are facing. In 2012 Golddigger Trust began to train and licence youth charities and organisations to be able to deliver 'I'm The Girl I Want To Be' courses across the UK. Please see the 'Find a course' section for the organisations licensed to deliver in your area or contact Golddigger Trust for details if you'd be interested in their experienced youth work team bringing the 'I'm The Girl I Want To Be' course as a weekend residential to a venue of your choice anywhere in the UK.